Vet-Recommended Dog Treats: The Best Way To Show Your Dog You Love Them

As a dog owner, it can be tough to figure out which treats would be best to give to your furry friend. With so many different options available, it can be hard to decide which ones are truly safe and healthy. Luckily, there are vet-recommended dog treats that you can feel confident giving to your […]

Tips for New Dog Owners

Adopting a dog or puppy is the start of a wonderful journey. First time dog owners may feel overwhelmed by the prospect of training their pets. While obedience training classes are helpful, new dog owners will still need additional time and effort to train their pups fully. Before you get too wrapped up in puppy […]

The Top 10 Most Expensive Dog Breeds 2022

Dog Breeds And Prices As a man’s best friend, a dog comes with its price. Many dog lovers don’t mind paying thousands for particular breeds of dogs. We outline the top 10 most expensive dog breeds globally based on location, breeder, and bloodlines. 10- CZECHOSLOVAKIAN VLCAK Number 10 of the most expensive dog breeds, Czech Wolfdog, […]

How To Stop Your Dog’s Excessive Barking

dog barking

As a human we speak and barking is a very natural way through which dogs vocalize. It is just one of the ways through which dogs communicate but it becomes annoying if it gets out of control. Thus before taking any steps you should bear in mind that along with growling, grunting, howling, whining and […]

Can Dogs Eat Tuna?

Answer – According to the American Kennel Club AKC, yes dogs can eat tuna but it is best to avoid feeding a lot of tuna fish to your dog because of the high amounts of mercury often found in tuna. If you decide to feed your dog other types of fish with less mercury remember […]

Dog Dental Care

Common Dental Problems For Dogs And What To Do Dog dental care is VERY IMPORTANT. Think of any sore teeth you might of had in the past that your dentist kindly took care of for you. Dogs need that dental care also. Dental care for dogs doesn’t seem that much of a problem at first. […]

10 Human Foods Dogs Can Eat

dog eating yogurt

We want to take a look at a list of 10 foods normally for people that have the ability to give your dog great nourishment and healthy well-being. We have listed 10 human foods dogs can eat and enjoy. Dog owners often wonder if their dogs can eat certain foods, like beans, yogurt, and salmon […]

How To Check A Dog For Ticks

6 places dog have ticks

Remove Dog Tick’s in 5 Easy Steps 1st Step While holding your dog still, separate or part the fur and observe carefully. You have to be sure that it is a tick. There are cases of dog owners removing cysts, nipples, and warts believing that they are ticks which the dog doesn’t appreciate. The color […]

How To Raise & Potty Train A Puppy While Having A Job

Is there anything more cute and cuddly than your new puppy? He is a source of hours of fun and enjoyment for you and the whole family. His fearlessness and boundless energy put smiles on everyone’s faces as you watch him explore his new world. Do you have a new puppy, or are you considering […]

Top 5 Best Vacuums For Dog Owners

Best Pet Hair Vacuums When it comes to реt loving countries like the U.S. or anywhere in the West, dоgѕ аnd cats аrе tор of thе lіѕt whеn it соmеѕ tо реt сhоісе. Thеу can bе a соnѕtаnt source оf lоvе and соmраnіоnѕhір іn оur lives. Whіlе we еnjоу thеіr loving wауѕ, wе dоn’t always […]

Dog Health & Embrace Pet Insurance Review

Dog Health Issues  Taking your dog to the veterinarian on a routine basis for needed shots and checkups is a part of the pet parent lifestyle and responsibility. Any, of course, it’s a good feeling to have the peace of mind to know your dog is healthy and fine. In this article, we will discuss […]

Home Remedies For A Dog’s Skin Allergies

dog scratching

  We all hate it when our four-legged friends have ugly, bumpy allergies all over themselves and have to spend all their time scratching their bodies instead of playing with us. The constant itching can lead to skin infections and also massive hair loss. Some dog breeds (like Labradors, for example) are more prone to […]

Can You Raise A Puppy If You Work?


  Wondering if you can raise a puppy if you work. Raising a pup is a full time job and one cannot leave a pup at home alone if they have to go our for work full-time. The situation is similar to a new born baby. As a mother has to arrange for some help […]