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Dr. Tim Hunt

Dr. Tim’s Premium Dog Food

Dr. Tim’s Dog Food is a family-owned business based in the U.S. Voted America’s Favorite Veterinarian in a contest sponsored by the non-profit American Veterinary Medical Foundation. Dr. Tim Hunt of Michigan founded his dog food company Dr. Tim’s, based on his own homemade dog food recipes.

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For years, Dr. Tim has created these nutritious, protein-rich meals for his Alaskan Huskies. Dr. Tim’s dog food is our #1 pick for best dog food 2022.

“The dog’s furnace is meant to run on fat, not carbohydrates or protein. Diets that encourage the opposite are just plain incorrect. Sure, the dog’s body will respond to either diet formulation, but it is straightforward to see what works and what doesn’t.

I don’t formulate a diet based on commodity pricing; I base it on what benefits the dog. Choose wisely for your pet’s sake, as they have no thumbs and can’t open a cupboard and make it themselves.”

– Dr. Tim

Dr. Tim Pet Foods is an all-American, family-owned protein-rich line of pet food products based in Michigan. Dr. Tim Hunt is a practicing veterinarian and an accomplished musher giving him a good understanding of the nutritional needs of various animals, especially dogs.

The company sells various products aside from dog and cat foods, including treats and dietary supplements.

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What Makes Dr. Tim Different?

Dr. Tim’s significant advantage over other brands is that the recipes are derived and improved from his recipes tailor-made for his pets, sled pulling dogs that pull grow men in the snowy wilderness.

He has an innate knowledge of animal nutrition as a practicing veterinarian. Dr. Tim’s recipe is meat-based, mainly fat and protein, much better than the average dog or cat food.

Dr. Tim believes that dogs and cats fare better on meat-based proteins and fiber-rich highly-digestible grains for other nutrients.

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The ingredients include a protein-rich chicken meal and herring meal, easily-digestible brown rice, omega-6 rich chicken fats, omega 3-rich menhaden fish oil, gluten-free calorie-rich oat groats, and protein-rich dried egg and fiber-rich, and sugar-free beet pulp and fiber-rich rice bran.

Other ingredients include flaxseed meal, nutritious pork plasma, chicory root, rich in prebiotic inulin, and chelated minerals.

dr tim's dog food review

Product Lines

Dr. Tim’s products include eight different dry dog foods and two cat foods. They are:

Dr. Tim’s has an incredible choice of ingredients that support proper digestion and nutrition for dogs. The high amounts of animal fat and protein put the brand high above the average dog food. Having flaxseed, however, puts the actual protein content in the debate, but there is still a significant amount of meat included.

As Dr. Tim states above, active dogs require a considerable amount of fat hence a higher ratio between fat and protein, with the rest being carbohydrates. The product line does include a weight management option (Metabolite) for less active dogs.

The ingredients are almost consistent for the entire product line, and the protein sources are not exactly low-key. Dr. Tim’s is a highly recommendable product line if you love your dog/s and have a reasonable budget for your pets.

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