Get Your Puppy Started Right With Puppy Training Classes

Get Your Puppy Started Right With Puppy Training Classes

Adding a furry addition to the household is rewarding, however it comes along with a lot of work. The puppy has to become acclimated to brand new surroundings and find out the rules of his or her new home. The most effective approach to teach the new four-legged family member proper behavior and make crystal clear what’s expected of them will be to attend puppy training classes.

Despite the fact that most training classes teach fundamental commands such as sit, stay, lay down, heel and wait, the approaches used can differ significantly. A number of trainers make use of severe tones as well as a firm hand in an effort to show the dog that the owner stands out as the alpha dog. Although this approach might be useful, it can make the dog fearful and shy, and can at times border on abuse.

The best puppy training classes use rewards to develop the desired results. The trainers recognize the simple fact that the puppy is a friend and also a member of the family, not an animal that needs to be broken. Rewards are often food-based like bits of carrots or a preferred treat, although not all of the time. Positive words of praise accompanied by a pat on the head are usually just as motivating to some dogs as a delicious snack. A clear snapping noise is the reward for a job well done when attending a clicker training course.

Along with fundamental commands, proper training will help teach puppies socialization skills. Frequently classes will start out or end with a playtime that enables the dogs to get to know each other and helps remove some of their practically endless supply of energy. Some training facilities also provide play dates on different days through which classmates can spend time mingling with dogs from various other classes.

It is vital to first investigate the service and also the trainer previous to signing up for a class. Determine how long the trainer has been working with dogs and leading classes. Contact the Better Business Bureau to make sure no complaints have been filed against the facility. Ask for personal references, and phone or email those references to find out whether they were satisfied with the training and final results.

Puppy training classes will help the owner connect with the little puppy, however training isn’t just for puppies. Proper training tends to make the transition for a recently adopted older dog a lot easier, or help to correct unacceptable behavior of your much loved family member that never had formal training classes when younger. Advanced classes are usually offered for successful graduates of the beginning class. Training classes will help Fido stay out of trouble and keep the owners as happy as their little tail-wagger.

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