by Tyom


Howie Requirements Your Assist Instantly!

I wanted to allow you know about a dog following door that requirements your help right away it is a rental and the landlord has insisted the dog be gone in a week or they will be evicted. He is half bermese and some thing else. He is about a 12 months previous and extremely loving. The people he&#8217s with now run a daycare and he loves youngsters. Heis a massive canine even though and is in a very little pen and wants aid with a new residence. This puppy is quite handsome, his title is Howie, and he demands your aid. Hopefully some one can support him locate a place till he can get a loving property. Please anyone get in touch with under if you can assist we are in Livermore Ca. Please call 925-640-2695 BJU or e-mail


Rocket Puppy Rescue


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