Potty Training For Puppies: The Basics Of Puppy Potty Training

Potty Training For Puppies: The Basics Of Puppy Potty Training

Potty training is teaching the puppy to go to a designated area to use the bathroom. The puppy owner will need to potty train the puppy from the first day of receiving the puppy. The puppy will have some accidents around the house and this can be prevented with potty training.

Here are 3 tips for potty training a puppy that new puppy owners must know:

1. Basic House Training … There should be a clear understanding between the puppy and the owner on a designated are for the potty to use the bathroom. If the puppy owner is going to set up an area for the puppy in the house for the puppy to use the bathroom then the puppy need to be train to use the bathroom in this area. The puppy should be train to go to the door and showed a spot to use the bathroom on the outside. Most puppy owners will need to start a potty training routine before the puppy will realize which areas to use for the bathroom.

2. Uncontrollable Releases … Many puppies will urinate on people when the puppy is excited, greeting someone, or being discipline. The puppy owner and other people must exercise control and try to calm the puppy down. Also, you can show the puppy accident but don’t scold the puppy.

3. Marking Territory … Many male dogs will mark their territory by lifting their leg and urinating on a bush or another object. Most of the time this will be done when outdoors. The dog is just letting people and other dogs know this is his territory. This behavior happens during puberty but the dog should out grow this habit.

Most puppies should be given food at the same time each day. A routine for feeding will allow the puppy to have regular bowel movements. The puppy owner should have a potty schedule for the puppy that’s repeated each day. This will help the puppy and the puppy owner to know when to go for potty breaks. Many puppies have to use the bathroom every one to two times an hour when the puppy is very young.

For instance, the puppy should be taken to the bathroom when the puppy awakes in the mornings, after eating, after having water, and before going to bed. Additionally, the puppy owner should look for any signs that the puppy needs to use the bathroom. It’s important to use positive reinforcement not negative reinforcement with training the puppy so the puppy is comfortable with potty training.

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