Puppy Shoes: Cute or Evil?

Dog Shoes: Cute or Evil?

Is it just me, or are they all over the place these days? That cute small canine down the street, strutting close to with no a care in the globe, mocking us. At initial it was the dog sweater. And then came small capes. And now, oh god, and now, puppy footwear. They are as silly to me as people canines who get their heads caught in buckets and crash into factors. Only this is no accident.

Canine footwear don’t belong. They defy nature and they have no purpose. Some men and women acquire these ridiculous things to safeguard the interior of their property. They really bend more than to fasten 4 sneakers on a dog ahead of the puppy comes inside the home. Some people acquire these issues simply because they feel they are cute. I won’t go there.

But you see, dogs will not want puppy footwear. Nature has previously offered dogs footwear. They’re known as paws. They are thick and resilient padded feet that enable them to walk on virtually anything at all without having receiving hurt. Anything at all that would pierce a dog’s paw would probably also pierce a dog shoe. Consequently the absurdity.

The only borderline plausible excuse for acquiring this kind of issues is to get your puppy hiking on some quite rugged terrain. If your dog has delicate feet and it can not very last on a good hike, then fine. I get that. It’s nonetheless weird but I get that. Or if your puppy is a single of people tragic creatures with no back legs who has to pull itself close to on a minor wagon, then I can justify this too. But typical canines living in the city or suburbs ought to have far more self respect, and their owners need to have much more decency.

But the largest crime is not how stupid those canines seem. It is the truth that there are folks in the world who will not have footwear. And the absurd issue is that not only do dogs not require shoes, they do not want 4 of them. Exactly where a poor kid may possibly get by with a single pair, even the smallest of canines requirements two pair. Now I’m not typically one to tell others what to do with their tough earned funds, but men and women acquiring such factors could want to read through the news and have a reality check out.

Yes my pals, some thing is wrong in the globe. But I am not married to my hatred of canine shoes. If someone could show me how they do not breach the indelible laws of nature, I would be all ears.

Tom Fazio is a webmaster and Shanghai martial arts Instructor. He also writes posts on the advantages of micellar casein protein powder and has a deep hatred for puppy sneakers.

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