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Therapy Dogs Bring Comfort to Families After Oakland Warehouse Fire

by Adam Tollinger After the tragic fire at the Ghost Ship Warehouse in Oakland, CA on Friday night, therapy dogs have been providing comfort to families who lost loved ones. Latest RSS Feeds – American Kennel Club loading…

Search and Rescue Crews Work Tirelessly to Save Dogs After Building Collapse

by Sean MacEntee After a building collapsed in Sioux Falls, S.D., search and rescue crews worked for days to rescue all three Beagles belonging to the Fodness family. Latest RSS Feeds – American Kennel Club

Getting Your Dog’s Attention: Dog Training Collars

by Smithsonian Institution Receiving Your Dog’s Focus: Puppy Training Collars Canine coaching collars have proven final results when puppy owners want their pets to cease their aggressiveness to site visitors or when they want their pets to fetch things. You can find puppy training collars in diverse designs, colors, and, of program, costs, with every

Dog Training Tips That Improve Your Dog’s Behavior

by Dog Supporters Puppy Training Suggestions That Improve Your Dog’s Behavior When raising a dog, thinking about some tested canine training suggestions is a single of the wisest choices a dog owner can make to undertake his accountability. Canine Coaching is a primary accountability of each dog proprietor. It will support to form up the dog’s