The 5 Questions Of In Home Dog Training

The 5 Questions Of In Home Dog Training

Have you ever gone home to see your puppy make your whole living room his personal fire hydrant? How about leaving for work trying to cover the freshly gnawed side of your shoe? Do you have friends who took rabies shots before deciding to ever visit you again? If this is you then it might be time to call in dog training experts into your abode.

Owners who want to personally train their dogs but cannot do so for whatever reason, are beginning to appreciate the mighty services of trainers who are hired to teach your pet. These professionals (either individuals or company connected) train your dogs for you while you sit back and watch the progress from the comfort of your very own home. Yes, in home dog training is the answer but what are the questions? Here are the five important things you need to ask before launching into the world of canine home education.

How high up the obedience ladder is your dog? If your pet knows the basic commands down, then you should consider training him yourself. The owner is always the best person to teach his own. However, if you really don’t know the first thing about dog training or have no chance to do so, then have the professionals take a look at what can be done to Fido as soon as possible.

Where can I look for the excellent trainers? The good trainers are known by the dogs they have handled. Ask your family,friends, or neighbors if they have had experience with these professionals. Search through the internet and yellow pages for the services of a company or individual that comes highly recommended by canine organizations or blogs and forums. Inquire on their fees and set an appointment with one that seems to give you the best value for your dollars.

What makes a good trainer? The most important thing you need to check in a trainer is his manner of handling the dog. Violence, yelling, or force of any kind should not be tolerated regardless the reasons he may have. Feel free to ask for personal records and referrals he has to you can check it yourself. There are no official government licenses for animal training to date; however, most of these professionals have graduated from courses that will equip them in the career path they’ve chosen. One of the best qualifications they can have is the International Association of Canine Professionals’ CDT or CDTA certification.

Are individual classes better than group classes? Individual classes ensure your dogs get the undivided attention of the teacher on him. Group classes on the other hand, will be good for the dog’s socialization skills. It will also be cheaper for the owners as they get to chip in for the trainer’s fees and other expenses. As much as you are able, enroll him in group sessions with dogs whose owners you know take care of their animals. Infections and fleas are not what you want out of your dog’s classes.

When should training begin? Right away! Ideally, training puppies should begin as early as 8 weeks old. However, you can always teach an old dog new tricks. If you are prepared, your dog is in attendance, and you have a competent trainer, then sky’s the limit! Through in home dog training, you can have a trained dog the safe and convenient way.

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