Taste Of The Wild

Rich in protein, has no grains and made from the best ingredients in general. Taste of the Wild has a personal mandate to provide suitable dog food for the diets of a wild dog. It also consists of a good portion of eggs which give puppies and adult dogs a luxury coat.   From Taste Of The Wild website, Taste… Read more »

Our Review On Chewy.com

  Chewy has quickly become the number one place where pet owners shop for their furry friends’ food, toys, and much more.  If you own a reptile, a bunny or a fish, they have what you need as well!  If you have a dog, you will find a ton of toys and food as well as grooming supplies.  We’ve decided… Read more »

The Farmers Dog

https://thefarmersdog.com The Farmer’s Dog Nutrient Blend: As an example, their Turkey Recipe consists of turkey, chickpeas, parsnips, broccoli, carrots, spinach, fish oil, and Framer’s Dog Nutrient Blend. The Beef Recipe has beef, sweet potato, lentils, beef liver, kale, carrots, sunflower seeds, fish oil, and Farmer’s Dog Nutrient Blend. The Pork Recipe has pork, pork liver, sweet potato, green beans, potato,… Read more »


What’s great about our pets is that they can sometimes take care of our leftovers even though it’s not recommended as our food contains grains and carbs they’re not meant to consume. The same can be said for run-of-the-mill kibble. If you truly care about your pets, then you need to provide them with an all-natural, grain-free biologically-appropriate diet that… Read more »


Wysong is a pet food company that caters not only caters to dogs but cats, horses and ferrets as well. Yes, ferrets. Like other pet food companies, they’re pushing a high-quality, all-natural and holistic dietary philosophy, in order to provide pets, the same healthy options that we would want for ourselves. In other words, their products are based on a… Read more »


Feeding dogs, nutritious things, dog food business. What happens when you put together nutrition scientists, veterinarians and dog trainers to come up with pet food? The answer is Ketonatural, the best meal options for your canine pets. Just as man turned to high-carb content food as an economical and easy means to have three meals a day, so have we… Read more »


Ollie Fresh Dog Food Ollie was created by a group of experienced dog owners who joined up with expert canine nutritionists to create the very best, personalized healthy food for your dog.  They will deliver fresh food directly to your door and every meal is the correct portion.  Ollie believes in very high standards and only uses the highest quality… Read more »


NOM NOM NOW Subscription Box Gourmet Dog Food Pet parents often wonder, “What is the best dog food?” For years the answer was the same, any one of the top dog food brands that have a good amount of meat and not a lot of fillers like grains or meat by-products in the food. Some of these top dog food… Read more »

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