Dog scratching

We all hate it when our four-legged friends have ugly, bumpy allergies all over themselves and have to spend all their time scratching their bodies instead of playing with us. The constant itching can lead to skin infections and also massive hair loss. Some dog breeds (like Labradors, for example) are more prone to skin allergies than other breeds. First thing I would ask, is it the dog food? Many dog foods contain artificial flavors, colors and preservatives. Try some hypoallergenic dog food first because like humans dogs can be allergic to dairy, fish and additives. Skin allergies generally increase during the rainy season or when there’s extreme heat. It can also be caused by parasites like ticks, fleas etc. Here are some remedies that you can use to treat your dog’s skin allergies. First try changing your dogs food. This is what I did and after trying a few different brands I found 2 good ones that she liked and stopped 90% of the scratching. Nexgard Chewables are the BEST thing for getting rid of fleas fast. They are only available from a vet but they work! One pill a month does it. If Rover continues to itch, consider these remedies.

It works on a dog’s skin just like it works on the human skin. Just open up a tablet and massage the oil on to your dog’s itchy areas. The vitamin soothes the dog’s dry skin and the massaging action helps the oil penetrate faster.

Feeding your dog low-fat yogurt not only works as a healthy treat but is also very effective for the skin. It keeps yeast infections at bay and helps prevent diarrhea. A tablespoon full of yogurt everyday prevents the yeast from settling down in the skin and ears which are the most yeast-prone areas.

Chill tea bags in the refrigerator and apply it directly on to the dog’s problem areas. The tea kills bacteria and yeast on the skin and also gives relief from inflammation. You can also spray the cold tea directly on the skin or immerse the dog’s paw in a tub of cold tea if its paws are infected. You can also try calendula and green tea.

A bath of warm water and Epsom salts can reduce swelling and also minimize sores. It also speeds up the time taken for small, open sores to heal. Epsom salts have an antiseptic effect and can be of great relief to your dog especially when coupled with antibiotics.

Immerse one teaspoon of eucalyptus in boiling water for ten minutes. Allow the eucalyptus water to cool and then pour it on your pooch after a shampoo. Dry with a towel and let the conditioner stay. The eucalyptus repels fleas and also adds gloss to the coat..

Primrose oil has anti-itch and anti-inflammatory properties. You can apply it directly on to the skin to treat dry or itchy skin. You can also give it to your dog orally. Just mix a few drops in your dog’s water or food and it should do the trick.