As a human we speak and barking is a very natural way through which dogs vocalize. It is just one of the ways through which dogs communicate but it becomes annoying if it gets out of control. Thus before taking any steps you should bear in mind that along with growling, grunting, howling, whining and sighing, barking is a form of communication for dogs and this post is to discuss on the tips to stop your dog from ‘excessive’ barking. This means when barking is becoming

  • excessive and unable to control;
  • encroaching on sanity of other people;
  • creating annoyance and nuisance;
  • Disturbing the piece of your neighbourhood; then you can use these tips!

When dogs bark?

Before you initiate any action to address nuisance barking, it is necessary that you identify the reason behind it. If he is getting irritated or agitated because of something which is creating this excessive barking then you need to address it. Below are some of the main situations when dogs bark:

Play: Dogs get excited when they are loved as they feel that there is somebody who spends time with them.

Anxiety: If dogs get anxious or are scared and feel something suspicious around then they bark screamingly. You can call it as their defence mechanism but this is how it is!

Boredom: If you have left your dear pet alone for lot of time or you they want you to be near them then they bark without stopping.

Apart from these they bark when they want to give warning to someone to not to come near them or if you are calling their name then they bark to tell you, “Hey! I’m over here!” But if you think that any of these situations are getting over your head and he is behaving whacky and uneasy then you need to take legitimate steps to stop this barking.

You might find many ways to stop your dog from barking on web but these are some of the sensible ways. Dogs are loyal more than human beings and thus their excessive barking should not be dealt in harsh manner.

  1. Spend more time with them: Excessive barking might just be a medium to convey how much they want you to be with them. But if you are ignoring them for too long and unable to find some extra time which they deserve then they may bark excessively to seek your attention. So start extracting some more time for them and this way you would also be able to notice the instances which make them bark a lot! If they are calm and silent while you take them for stroll then that means you solved the puzzle!
  2. Herbal supplements: if the dogs are barking due to anxiety and frustration then some of the herbal supplements can act as calming agent and help in getting rid of this excessive bark. It is fine if dogs need some help in relaxing them up. You can check with your vet before granting these supplements.
  3. Training and Food puzzle: Train them how to be quiet and behave and also play some food puzzles with them by using food- dispensing puzzles. Make them concentrate on their food bowl without even dropping a bit! This way they will learn to concentrate and learn new things!