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For many of us, a doggy daycare to look after our dogs while we are away in the office seems like heaven on earth. We wallow in guilt during our long office hours, thinking about our pet dogs all day long. We often feel that they are neglected and not taken care of. At such a time, sending our dogs to daycare seems apt and just the right thing to do.

A doggy daycare is similar to a child’s daycare. It is a boarding facility which caters to those pet owners who need to go to the office for entire day. They not only look after their dogs but also feed them, entertain them and take care in case of an emergency. A doggy day care has professionals who are expert in understanding the interactions of dogs. They have toys for your dogs and other dogs to play around with.

Dogs playing at doggie daycare

But before taking this decision, we have to consider a lot of factors:

Is the daycare skilled enough to look after your dog?

Each owner knows the nature of his dog whether he/she is social, introvert, shy, aggressive or sensitive. The daycare should be equipped with trained personal that understand the social behavior of dogs and know how to train and monitor them.

Will the dog enjoy socializing with other dogs?

It’s up to the owner to decide whether their dog is fit for a social day care and fit to mingle around with other dogs. Many dogs are not comfortable spending time in large groups all day long. They become stressed and excited. The pet owner can decide on this by spending their dogs out in a large group for short periods to know their behavior. The doggy care should be equipped with keeping your dog in private groups if he hates being in a large group.

Do some research on the staff:

The staff should be in the right ratio with the dogs. There should be a staff handling a group of 10 to 15 dogs and not more. They should be well trained in understanding and monitoring dog behavior and management. You can also ask the management to send a staff to your house for a few hours to see how she/he looks after your dog. You can even ask them some questions on how they would deal with common issues like fights with other dogs or aggressive behavior.

The doggy daycare should be clean and hygienic:

Make sure that the place is clean, hygienic and there is plenty of place for the dogs. Check the food provided by the daycare. They should be taken out for their leak or potty breaks by trained staff. Make sure that there are no ticks or flies else your dog might get infected.

One has to be sure about choosing the right day care as a wrong one could be very emotionally disturbing for your dog. The goal behind is that your dog should get more social and enjoy the company of other dogs and feel loved and taken care of while you are away.

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