The Best Dogs For Kids

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dog with kids

Welcome to our list of the 10 best dogs for kids 2019. We considered the dog’s known temperament, friendliness, size and popularity.

1) BOXER  


What stands Boxer out is its great love for kids.They love to be around people and do not like being too far from their pack. They are full of energy and affection. They like to work out and play a lot.


Mastiff dog

This breed is naturally well natured and immediately mixes with family and cherishes the company of people. It is the perfect family pet as it is calm with children.When a mastiff senses a threat around his pack, he would knock the ‘threat’ to the ground and lies on top of him till help comes.


english sheep dog

This dog is known as a loving dog even though it may tend to herd its household or family. This trend may be useful when the kids are almost late for school. According to the AKC, this breed is full of athletism and clownish energy.


This is quite a popular breed which loves to please and loves being playful with members of her pack. She enjoys swimming and playing around in water or land. Labrador’s athletism will be appreciated by parents as she can quickly tire out the kids.


This dog is usually people friendly and loves to play a lot and have massive fun. The Dalmatian would be an asset to any home as it is full of energy and enjoys to run with the children throughout the day and snuggles beside them at night. This breed also engages in symbiosis with horses.


Apart from its drooling nature, this lovable breed usually demonstrates a calm temper. It is almost loving to a fault and never abandons its pack.This breed is cool headed when around kids and it can be over protective of those he cherishes.


This active dog is full of energy and very friendly. It is one of the most recognized breeds in the US. The golden retriever is full of intelligence and is willing to impress. It also loves to engage in playful activities with kids. This breed was made famous in different households by the Buddy franchise films.


Not only is this dog loyal, but it also enjoys been among family members. At the beginning of the 20th century, the Terrier was the top family dog around and was the face of WWI. Remember Pete in the ‘little rascals’?


Newfoundland Dog Breed

Those who won’t be intimidated by this dog will see it as a super family dog. This breed sometimes called the ‘gentle giant.’ This hard working dog greatly enjoys pulling children about on the snow using a sled. We remember Nana who was a Newfie in the Peter Pan series.

10) MUTTS  

Mutt breed happy face dog

Always remember mixed breeds.Try to visit a shelter and grab an affectionate, family oriented, loyal mutt. Note that in total, the mixed race which ranges from average to big size is the perfect breed for households with kids.