lab beagle mix beagador

Having the right family pet is essential, and sometimes if it seems like it’s a hard task to achieve when there are so many options out there. Of the most popular are the Labrador and the Beagle. So, what if you just combined the two of them into one dog breed? It’s already been done, and it goes by either “Labbe” or a “Beagador” depending on who you ask. Other than its cute fan name, this dog breed has a lot of positive traits going for it that can make it even more lovable than you’d imagine.


One of the best things about a Beagador is that you never really know how they’re going to turn out. This can be due to all sorts of things primarily in the sense that we all know how different puppies can look from their mother and father, so now think about the idea that you are going to be getting a puppy that is a cross between two very different breeds in terms of looks and size.

lab beagle mix beagador
Beagador aka Labbe

This means that one sibling could look like a beagle in coloring and be the size of a Labrador. The other one could look like a cross between a Labrador and a Beagle (with a short snout and Beagle markings) but be in between sizes.

Every puppy is different, but that makes them an elegant dog have, as you’ll be able to have a charismatic and gorgeous dog that is a blend of both of these breeds. Even in a litter, each puppy can look different and will be all different sizes.


In terms of their breeding, in particular, they can be equal parts Beagle and Labrador (which tend to cost more money due to each parent being a purebred in their respective breeds), or you can have a dog that is of varying degrees of each breed (or even a hybrid themselves). No matter how much percentage a particular breed is, you can’t guarantee a Beagdor’s looks, as mentioned above.


As far as breeding goes, the degrees and kinds of both dogs do differ depending on what you’re looking for. Confusing? That’s genetics. You can get breeders that will give you percentages of each dog breed so that you can essentially create your dog in terms of how much of each breed he has in him.

All of that and you still don’t know entirely how big he’s going to be! Pretty neat when you think about it.


Since beagadors are a blend of both these friendly breeds, you can bet that these dogs are going to be very friendly and welcoming. These make great family dogs because they are very tolerating when it comes to people picking and poking at them, amongst other things. They enjoy being friendly with new people and like to be around in groups. When something gets to be too much for them in terms of people picking at the dog, he will remove himself from the situation rather than getting aggressive or snappy.

Beagadors like to travel, go for walks and explore things while still making sure that they are staying close to their family and their loved ones. They enjoy being equal parts independent and friendly that way. While they aren’t guard-dogs, they will protect their family by watching out for them when out and about. Similar to a herding dog that way.

Beagadors are known for their beagle howl and bark, and they are also known for their tendency to go around and smell everything much like a beagle will.

beagador puppy
Beagador Puppy


Both beagles and labradors are bad for getting obese. They love food and want to eat as much of it as possible. They’ll eat anything and everything in sight, and that’s why portioning them is as important as making sure that they stay active.

To protect their health, you’ll want to keep them moving with regular walks, play sessions in the backyard, and other sorts of activities like that.

The good news is, both dog breeds enjoy being active and having fun like that, so it’s not going to be a chore to get them moving.

They make great hunting dogs due to their excellent sense of smell and attention to their surroundings. That being said, this is more of a sniffing guide dog and not so much a dog that is going to go and retrieve their prey for you. There are exceptions to this, of course, and it does depend on the dog itself.

All in all…

When you are looking at a dog that is going to be primarily a family dog and offer companionship, patience, a kind personality, and lots of fond memories, this is going to be a great dog to do it. Beagadors, while they do vary from puppy to puppy and litter to litter, are going to be ideal quintessential family dogs that will bring joy and laughter to everyone who gets a chance to meet and spend with them. For a kid-friendly dog that is equal parts affectionate and loving, this will be the best companion that you can consider for young and old dog lovers.

This is one crossbreed that tends to get all of the positive comments possible, proving its worth in a quantifiable way as well as a more personal approach.