Border Collie

I’m sure you might have been carrying the notion that the dog you’ve got is the smartest dog of all, but the truth is that your best friend might not have as much skills as you’ve been told. It’s important to understand that man’s intelligence is very different from a dog’s own, coming in different varieties and forms. While all breeds of dogs can be trained with the right amount of patience and time, there are still some breeds that come out as fast learners ahead of others. Having an idea of the ones that learn quicker and are smarter will help you to decide and choose the next time you’re coming out to pick a choice. Here’s a list of the 10 smartest dogs.

10. Papillon

One of the cleverest dogs is the Papillion. Its appearance shouldn’t confuse or fool you because Papillons remain one of the most intelligent dogs we have. The breed is a happy one, always alert, though very quiet. They have no issues approaching people they know and strangers, they are not shy, nor are they aggressive- more reason why they are used for different contexts. People living in smaller residence always want to choose papillons as their companion because they only can reach a maximum height of 11 inches.

9. Rottweiler

The Rottweiler is a intelligent dog and another powerful breed that is still being given a chance because of its uniqueness, and its ability to function effectively when a regular job is left at its disposal. If a Rottweiler is trained the right way, they can live for a very long time as a companion, though, most of the time, the cops like to use them as watchdogs, and sometimes the disabled use them as service dogs. They are delighted when they always have a daily task to tackle.

8. Australian Cattle Dog

One of the most intelligent dog breeds, this breed also enjoys it when given a task to face on a daily basis. It’s a great idea to go for the Australian Cattle Dog when there’s any kind of job that requires a high amount of intelligence and agility. Herders enjoy this breed because of the assistance they render, their company and also their endless level of energy. They do not give up or get tired until they fully completed the task at hand.

6. Shetland Sheepdog

If you fall in the category of people who prefer a smaller version of the border collie, the type that has the ability to maintain the same level of work ethic, then going for one of the most intelligent dogs, the Shetland Sheepdog will be the best choice to make. They have a rougher coat, a very long hair and still maintains its number on the list of the hardened working breeds.

5. Doberman Pinscher

Respect the Doberman Pinscher, this very smart dog breed is known for its strength and speed. Their level of stamina is outstanding, also is their ability to talk on difficult tasks for a long period of time. While you can get one to train in a family style enclosure, they can also play the role of service dogs if trained through that pattern. They make good police dogs and do a great job as guardians. Utilizing them as war dogs also will make you hit the target fast as well.

4. Golden Retriever

You can decide to ignore the high level of intelligence, but their unique nature to please their masters cannot be overlooked. This unique feature fits them to any working environment and any home. Typically, they can make good companions for hunters and can serve as guide dogs well. Known for a long time as one of the smartest dogs, the Golden Retriever also is best when it comes to search and rescue, making a lot of law enforcement officials rely on their selflessness and intelligence to provide the valuable assistance needed.

3. German Shepherds

Some people see German Shepherds as one of the most frightening dog breeds, this isn’t wrong, they also can be the easiest to train and the smartest. When it comes to assisting security personnel, you can always count on the German Shepherds. They are also comfortable in the family setting. Farmers trust them a lot for assistance during herding.

2. Poodle

Not only is the Poodle exceptionally intelligent, they are also brilliant on an exceptional level. They are one of the best breeds to choose when there’s a lost item to retrieve from water, making them a great addition to individuals and families that prefer to spend their leisure at the lake or pool. People that enjoy the art of truffle hunting also prefer to ride along with the smaller Poodle breeds.

1. Border Collies – Most Intelligent Dog Breed

Border Collie

One of the most diligent and hard working dog breeds known to man is the Border Collies. This breed is respected for its high level of intelligence, with its great instincts that is second to none. The only issue you might have with the Border Collies is getting them to take occasional rest, else they won’t stop working hard.

Border Collie