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Purina Pro Plan For Puppies & Adult Dogs

Purina – Made In The USA Purina has a long history in America, tracing back to their founding in 1894 as Purina Mills. The name was changed to Ralston Purina in 1902. After Nestle purchased the company in 2001Purina’s name was changed to Nestle Purina. Headquartered in St. Louis Missouri, Purina dog food including Purina Pro Plan is made in… Read more »

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Review

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Dry Dog Food Welcome to our Blue Buffalo Wilderness review. Blue Buffalo has been one of the best “top quality” dog food brands for a long time. Wilderness is the best of the Blue Buffalo brands. This is how Chewy describes the Wilderness Chicken Recipe Grain-Free Dry Dog Food. Blue Buffalo Wilderness Chicken Recipe Grain-Free Dry Dog… Read more »

Trudog Dog Food Review There are few large companies that offer your dog highly nutritious natural raw food, as well as offer grooming, dental and health care products for your beloved canine. Trudog offers a wide selection of canine products that can be bought online and delivered next day. It is a family-owned company but has a wide enough distribution and trusted enough… Read more »

Sojos Dog Food Review

Sojos Dog Food Review If you love your dogs so much that you’d take time to prepare their meals made from all-natural ingredients, then Sojos dog food is the brand for you. Sojos is a family-owned company that has been around since 1985, and is a trusted pioneer in the pet food industry, producing easy-to-prepare dog meals and all-natural dog… Read more »

Taste Of The Wild Review

Taste Of The Wild Dry Dog Food Welcome to our Taste of The Wild review. Rich in protein, has no grains and made from the best ingredients in general, Taste of the Wild has a personal mandate to provide suitable dog food for the diets of a wild dog. It also consists of a good portion of eggs which give… Read more »

The Farmer’s Dog – Dog Food Review The Farmer’s Dog  – Dog Food Review Welcome to our review of The Farmer’s Dog, a premium dog food brand. The Farmer’s Dog premium dog food is “human-grade” dog food prepared, pre-portioned and delivered to pet parents across the U.S. This type of dog food is above “premium” in fact “human-grade” dog food is the best quality dog food… Read more »


What’s great about our pets is that they can sometimes take care of our leftovers even though it’s not recommended as our food contains grains and carbs they’re not meant to consume. The same can be said for run-of-the-mill kibble. If you truly care about your pets, then you need to provide them with an all-natural, grain-free biologically-appropriate diet that… Read more »