Ways To Potty Train A Dog

Puppy toilet training is an essential part of educating your little four legged friend. Here we will discuss two of the top ways to potty train a dog. Before welcoming your pooch to your home it’s crucial to consider exactly where your puppies potty place is going to be and what system you’re going to […]

How to Train Your Dog to Stay

teaching a dog to stay

A significant command your dog must be taught is “stay”. This command is extremely practical when you need to leave your dog to do household tasks or welcome guests. It is additionally a life saving command when you are out walking to prevent accidents like having a car run over your pet dog if you […]

Dog Dental Care

Common Dental Problems For Dogs And What To Do Dog dental care is VERY IMPORTANT. Think of any sore teeth you might of had in the past that your dentist kindly took care of for you. Dogs need that dental care also. Dental care for dogs doesn’t seem that much of a problem at first. […]

Home Remedies For A Dog’s Skin Allergies

dog scratching

  We all hate it when our four-legged friends have ugly, bumpy allergies all over themselves and have to spend all their time scratching their bodies instead of playing with us. The constant itching can lead to skin infections and also massive hair loss. Some dog breeds (like Labradors, for example) are more prone to […]

Top Tips on How to Train your Dog

Top Tips on How to Train your Dog Dogs are one of the most wonderful pets. There are lots of people who would love to have dogs and puppies in their home. If you love this animal and you plan to have one as a pet then you must also master the ways of training […]

Top 5 Dog Commands For Puppy Training

Dog Commands  To have well-trained pups, you have to learn a few basic dog commands that you can pick up during just about any suitable puppy training classes. Learning these commands are crucial for keeping control over your dogs, and will ensure that anyone they come into contact with stays safe Skip these lessons, and […]

Home Dog Training Vs. Dog Obedience Class

  You need to get your dog trained, and you want him trained fast. Should you choose home dog training or attend a dog obedience class? What is the best way of training a dog? It depends really if you have money and time. Let’s explain. ADVANTAGES OF TRAINING AT HOME First, let’s go over […]