Crave Dog Food Review

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Crave dog food

About Crave

Like many other dog food brands, Crave markets their products as being protein-rich and high in nutrients, with much of their protein being from animal meat. Much of which is true, but almost half of even the best dog food ingredients come from plant matter. But we’ll know for sure after this review if the other ingredients actually complement and improve on the product as a whole.

Crave is a US based dog food company with several facilities nationwide where the food is cooked and packed. Their ingredients however are sourced from trusted suppliers from around the world.

What Makes Crave Different?

Crave, being one of the largest dog food manufacturers, has products available in most groceries and retail stores. Their website does not support direct purchase but can lead buyers to the nearest shop and has purchase links to major retailers which include Target and Amazon. Crave has products for both dogs and cats and concentrate on adult foods only.

Crave dog food Meat #1 Ingredient

Product Lines

Crave has several dog food products to choose from, four of which are dry. These include:

  • Crave with Protein from Beef
  • Crave with Protein from Chicken
  • Crave with Protein from Lamb and Venison
  • Crave with Protein from Salmon and Ocean Fish

One small issue with Crave is that since they concentrate on adult foods, transitioning growing pets from one food to another is sometimes an issue due to difference in taste or smell. Some might love the Crave recipe but some might not. Pet owners can always gradually mix in Crave with the usual recipe as is Crave’s recommendation.

Crave dog food website

Aside from the obvious selections of meat, what is Crave made out of really? Crave’s claim to fame is that their recipes are grain-free and that their meal concentrates are made of real meat and not animal by-products. Other key ingredients in Crave include: processed chicken meal, which has triple the amount of protein than fresh chicken, garbanzos or chickpeas for added protein and fiber, peas for carbohydrates, pork meal, linoleic acid and omega-6 rich chicken fat, dried potatoes, pea protein, lamb and pork meals. Other ingredients include high-protein alfalfa meal, high-fiber beet pulp, selenium yeast which has anti-cancer properties, vitamin supplements, niacin, biotin and chelated minerals. Unfortunately, there seems to be an absence or probiotics that aid in digestion compared to other dog foods given the seemingly significant amount of plant-based ingredients.

Crave has an average rating of 34% protein as specified in their package though they guarantee that much of it is from the meat ingredients. Protein to fat ratio is around 50 percent. The percentage of carbohydrates is around 35%, combined with the fat could result in a healthy and active dog.

Even though Crave doesn’t have products for puppies, the individual pellets are small enough for puppies to feed on, however, it can be a mess to handle. Handling is complemented by their convenient re-sealable bags and the prices are competitive for an above average dog food. Given the amount of quality ingredients and competitive pricing, Crave is a good choice for your pets.

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Crave Dog Food Review
Crave Dog Food Review 1

 About Crave Like many other dog food brands, Crave markets their products as being protein-rich and high in nutrients, with much of their protein being f

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