Ketonatural Dog Food Review

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Bag of Ketonatural dog food, Ketona

Ketonatural Dog Food Review

Welcome to our Ketonatural dog food review. Feeding dogs, nutritious things, dog food business. What happens when you put together nutrition scientists, veterinarians and dog trainers to come up with pet food? The answer is Ketonatural, the best meal options for your canine pets.

Just as man turned to high-carb content food as an economical and easy means to have three meals a day, so have we put our pets in the same situation. High amounts of carbs have found their way into dog foods in order for manufacturers to cut costs. Man is gradually reclaiming their higher-protein diet through ketogenics and Ketonatural is doing the same thing for your pets. Ketonatural has turned to science to bring dog owners the best possible meal for their pets with a Science Advisory Board that implements bets practices and oversees their production.

A Keto Diet For Dogs

Ketonatural dog food is devoid of carbohydrates such as corn, rice, soy, wheat, barley and potatoes. Just high-quality, protein-rich ingredients as intended by nature. Compared to ordinary kibble, Ketonatural’s Ketona dog food contains 75% less carbohydrates. Ketonatural is ideal for pet owners who want only the best for their canine companions, low-carb, high-fat and protein-rich just as it should be.

If you want to know the science behind the perfect dog food and pet health, there is the KetoNatural Academy, a free library of evidence-based nutrition and pet health information. Information that empowers pet owners and their pets.

“75% Less Carbohydrate Than Other ‘Grain=Free’ Brands”

Graphic from the Ketonatural website

Graphic of Ketonatural 75% less Carbohydrates

Pros and Cons

  • Ketonatural is based on the low-carb ketogenic diet

  • Ketonatural Academy online resource for pet health

  • One recipe of different sizes – there is unfortunately only one recipe available which is dry and has to be prepared.

  • Only available online

  • Pricier than ordinary food but offers a subscription-based discount

In the end, Ketonatural extends the healthy and popular ketogenic diet to pets in order to improve their overall health and offers free information on dog health through their Ketonaural academy. Their Ketona dog food line however could benefit from variety.

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