Bag of Orijens dog food

What’s great about our pets is that they can sometimes take care of our leftovers even though it’s not recommended as our food contains grains and carbs they’re not meant to consume. The same can be said for run-of-the-mill kibble. If you truly care about your pets, then you need to provide them with an all-natural, grain-free biologically-appropriate diet that they’re meant to have in the wild. Dog foods that suit your dog’s natural biological needs such as Orijen.

Orijen’s dog food philosophy is biologically appropriate or just as nature intended. Their products are designed to copy the natural diet of dogs in the wild. Orijen dog foods are made up of 90% meat. That’s thrice the amount of meat contained in ordinary kibble plus the guaranteed amount of 38% protein with 20% needed carbohydrates. Orijen’s dog foods are grain-free but does contain plant material with highly digestible carbohydrates from fruits and vegetables like leafy greens, lentils and pumpkins. What’s more, their wide array of pet food products takes your dog’s age, activity level and dietary needs into account with various recipes for all dog ages.

Pros and Cons

In the end, like plenty of dog food companies their products contain all-natural ingredients that mimic natural dietary requirements. Customer remains the judge. There is plenty of variety in their products that cater to all dog ages. Website is highly informative but does not support convenient direct ordering.