If you love your dogs so much that you’d take time to prepare their meals made from all-natural ingredients, then Sojos dog food is the brand for you. Sojos is a family-owned company that has been around since 1985, and is a trusted pioneer in the pet food industry, producing easy-to-prepare dog meals and all-natural dog treats.

bag of sojos dog food

Sojos Dog Food Is Not Kibble.

The food is made up of all-natural, nutritious freeze-dried ingredients that give your dogs all the nutrients they need. Kibble may not need any preparation but is full of preservatives that may harm your dog. Preparation of Sojos dog food is actually easy. All it takes is some meat and water and just 15 minutes of your time for the freeze-dried ingredients to expand and the nutrients within t be activated.

For a complete meal, their Sojos Complete Dog Mix is recommended. Simply add water and your dog will have a complete meal made up of meat, eggs, sweet potatoes, flax seed and other natural ingredients. Sojos Mix Meal combines different types of protein such as salmon and turkey if you want your dog to taste some variety.

Pros and Cons

In the end, the all-natural nature of Sojos dog food makes it highly recommended for your dog’s health and relatively easy preparation makes it a convenient option. For all its good points, it is also surprisingly affordable.