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The Farmer’s Dog  

Welcome to our review of The Farmer’s Dog, a premium dog food brand. The Farmer’s Dog premium dog food is “human-grade” dog food prepared, pre-portioned and delivered to pet parents across the U.S. This type of dog food is above “premium” in fact “human-grade” dog food is the best quality dog food available, and these guys rank right up there with the very best like Nom Nom Now and Ollie.

As an example, their Turkey Recipe consists of turkey, chickpeas, parsnips, broccoli, carrots, spinach, fish oil, and Framer’s Dog Nutrient Blend.

Farmer’s Dog Recipes

The Beef Recipe has beef, sweet potato, lentils, beef liver, kale, carrots, sunflower seeds, fish oil, and Farmer’s Dog Nutrient Blend.

Farmer's Dog - A bag of dog food from the Farmer's Dog

The Pork Recipe has pork, pork liver, sweet potato, green beans, potato, cauliflower, fish oil, and Framer’s Dog Nutrient Blend.

The Farmer’s Dog Nutrient Blend is made of calcium, salt, vitamins E, B12, D3, and minerals. Speaking of macronutrients, the recipes are slightly different. The beef and pork are higher in protein and fat content than the turkey. Because these recipes are more calorie-dense, dogs should eat less of the red meat recipes than the turkey.

The Cost

Back to our fictional dog, she was given a 402 calorie meal each day to maintain her weight. This is what the cost would be depending on the chosen recipe:

$5.41/day – the turkey recipe

$4.91/day – the beef recipe

$5.28/day – the pork recipe

The price is based on the number of calories your dog will require but not always a straight line. When our fictional dog was put on 804 calories per day, the cost was less than double the price.

About Farmer’s Dog Du-It-Yourself

For those who have time to cook for their pets, Farmer’s offers both a recipe and their Nutrient Blend for you to use. The recipe follows the beef option; you have to purchase the food, chop up the ingredients, and cook. The formula is available on their website, but it will not be balanced without the supplement pack.

In Conclusion

The Farmer’s Dog is an excellent alternative for people who can afford to spend a little more on their pets but do not have the time to prepare fresh food daily. It’s a better alternative to raw food that many people find unpleasant. It’s a better alternative to kibble food because many people are now questioning the nutritional value of kibbles.

The Farmer’s Kitchen dog food is basically what we would make for our dogs if we had the time to spend in the kitchen. The great news, Farmer’s Dog can be customized through your requests, and they will work with you.

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