There are few large companies that offer your dog highly nutritious natural raw food, as well as offer grooming, dental and health care products for your beloved canine. Trudog offers a wide selection of canine products that can be bought online and delivered next day. It is a family-owned company but has a wide enough distribution and trusted enough to be featured on networks such as CBS, NBC and ABC.

photo of dog and benefits of raw food diet

Trudog guarantees high quality ingredients without any harmful additives, grains, fillers and preservatives. Their meals also contain no food-coloring or other by-products. Only real meat such as turkey, salmon and chicken mixed with other natural ingredients. Trudog meals are also easy to prepare. Simply unpack and go. They also offer dehydrated meals for longer storage. Trudog is ideal for dog owners who want to offer their pets something better than kibble.

bag of trudog dog food

Pros and Cons

  • No meal prep time. This saves time for busy bodies who may have to rush to work and can offer their time to their beloved pets upon coming home.
  • Quick and Easy shipping. Trudog offers next-day shipping for orders exceeding 47 dollars. Ideal for dog food emergencies. They also offer deals and packages for the same high-quality products at discounted prices.
  • Wide variety of products. Aside from a wide selection of dog food and dog treats, they also sell health and grooming products for your pet. Trudog is a one-stop shop. No need to check other retailers in case you need soap, shampoo, accessories and vitamins.
  • Trusted brand. Trudog is a family-owned company so they control all aspects of production and is not under pressure to increase their bottom line.
  • Unfortunately, despite their wide selection of products, the don’t offer anything for vegan canines.

In the end, if you want your pet to enjoy a delicious and nutritious meal, as well as grooming and other needs, go with Trudog.