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Wysong Pet Food

Welcome to our Wysong dog food review. Wysong is a pet food company that caters not only caters to dogs but cats, horses, and ferrets as well.

Yes, ferrets. Like other pet food companies, they’re pushing a high-quality, all-natural and holistic dietary philosophy, in order to provide pets, the same healthy options that we would want for ourselves. In other words, their products are based on a rotational diet that’s not based on just one ingredient.

This gives pets a chance for full-spectrum nutrition in order for them to live long and healthy lives. Aside from pet food, Wysong also offers a spectrum of dietary supplements and pet care products.

They also offer plenty of health care information for pet owners to make sound nutritional decisions on their website. There’s also information about the ingredients they use on their products and why they’re recommended.

Family-Owned Company

Wysong is a family-owned company based in Michigan that has been in operation for nearly four decades. Their philosophy is producing high-quality holistic pet food using the principles of science and nature. Their recipes are designed to copy the diets of wild dogs. Their meals are also designed to be rotational to provide dogs with a full spectrum of nutrition. The meals can be standalone or recommended to be mixed or adjunct to another meal.

Their products are all-natural and carry the “Made in USA” label through their manufacturing locations and ingredient sourcing is kept private.

Pros and Cons