dog training hand signals

Dog Commands 

To have well-trained pups, you have to learn a few basic dog commands that you can pick up during just about any suitable puppy training classes.

Learning these commands are crucial for keeping control over your dogs, and will ensure that anyone they come into contact with stays safe

Skip these lessons, and you can have a dog who resists training later on and runs rampant through your house, and anyplace else you take him.

Below are the essential instructions to learn.

Sit. This is a good one to do first because it’s relatively easy to teach puppies. Bring a treat in front of your dog’s nose to get his attention. As you tell him to sit, slowly bring it up over his nose, and as he follows it up, his head will rise, and he should assume a sitting position. If he’s having trouble getting to the sitting position, gentle touch to the back of his hind legs should help. Reward him and then release him.

Down. After sit comes down. You should teach your dog how to do this both from a sit as well as from standing. With him in a sit, bring a treat in front of his nose and tell him down. Bring the treat directly down in a straight line, and as he brings his head down, bring the treat out in front of him. He should drop down with his paws in front of him. Help him out if necessary, but don’t reward and release until he’s done it. Also, don’t give the command over and over without him doing it right. You want him to learn to do the behavior the first time he’s asked.

Come. Being sure that your dog answers a call to come promptly is essential for training and safety. With your puppy on a long lead, walk around with him until he focuses on something else. Tell him to come, then attract his attention with a treat. If you have to, bring him in by gently pulling on the lead. Praise and reward him, then release. Slowly, increase the distance you are standing from him when you call him.

Leave it. It’s essential that your dog knows to leave an object alone if asked. Walk past something that you know your dog is interested in. As he gets closer to it, give him the commands and walk in the opposite direction right away. Reward him for following instructions and coming with you.

Stay. Teaching your dog to stay is another essential instruction. Get that long lead out again. Put your dog in a sit or down and tell him to stay. Take a few steps away, then come back, give him a treat, then release him. Don’t give him his treat if he gets up, or you’ll be rewarding him for breaking the stay. If he gets up, put him back into position and do it again. Slowly increase the distance and time you go away from him. Stay can take a while to sink in, but once it does, it is a very valuable skill to know.

These are just some of the basic dog commands that your pup should know. Other advanced commands can be taught during puppy training classes for more specific purposes.