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You need to get your dog trained, and you want him trained fast. Should you choose home dog training or attend a dog obedience class? What is the best way of training a dog? It depends really if you have money and time. Let’s explain.


First, let’s go over the benefits of home dog training, of which there are many.

– Cheaper than Training class
– More Convenient for Busy People
– Train in Natural Setting

Less expensive than Training Class

First, training a dog at home is less expensive than going to a dog training class. You can instruct your dog at home with little to no money. The only expenses could be dog treats, clickers, or other dog training aids. You may also want to invest in a home dog training course.

Even still, you may spend less than $ 100 for home dog training compared to hundreds of dollars for attending a dog obedience class.

More Convenient

If you have a busy schedule, you will find that training a dog at home is a lot more convenient than attending a class. This is because when you train at home, you can train whenever you have time and whenever you feel like it.

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If you are attending a class, you will have a set appointed time at a set place to visit. This can be challenging, especially when you consider that there may be more than one class that you will have to attend to complete the dog obedience class.

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Train in Natural Setting

Another advantage of training your puppy within the confines of your own home is that you will be able to teach him in a natural setting. This will ensure that he will be used to the distractions that occur in the household in everyday life.

Training at a dog obedience center will not be able to replicate that. The controlled environment does not take into consideration all of the other factors that may be going on around your house.


Attending a dog obedience class is not without its benefits, however. Some of the more notable advantages include:

– Immediate Access to Professional Trainer for question
– The trainer will be able to correct your mistakes
– Ready to see and hear exactly how the instructor handles the dogs.

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Immediate Access to Trainer

Questions may arise when you are training your dog. With a professional trainer, you will be able to ask the instructor a question instantly. This can help shorten the learning curve of training your puppy.

Trainer Able to Correct Mistakes

Another advantage of attending a dog training class is that the instructor will be able to correct any mistakes that he or she may see you making with your dog. Without the instructor around, you may not realize that you are doing anything wrong.

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See How Instructor Handles Dogs

When you are in a dog obedience class, you can see and hear exactly how the instructor handles the dogs. This is not the case when home training a dog. Being able to see and understand how it is done in person will help you to train your dog faster as you will eliminate costly mistakes.

So choosing home dog training or going to a dog obedience class, you should be able to accomplish the task of training your dog. Attending the class is more expensive, but could also help you to train your puppy faster.

If you are short on funds, then training a dog at home may be a better option for you. Choosing a helpful dog training course can help you avoid costly training mistakes.

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