A significant command your dog must be taught is “stay”. This command is extremely practical when you need to leave your dog to do household tasks or welcome guests. It is additionally a life saving command when you are out walking to prevent accidents like having a car run over your pet dog if you have your dog unleashed or if you have the bad luck of having the leash break. Learning how to train your dog to stay is absolutely a requirement for a well rounded canine.

The stay command is when your pooch remains in the same posture without moving a step. She could be seated, standing, or lying down when you perform this command. Ensure that in tandem with training your dog to stay, you also make her responsive to a release command. A release command is a signal that the stay command is completed and they can move from the position.

Instruct your pet dog to sit or lie down. It is good to have her on a comfortable position. You need to train your dog to stay from different positions individually. Nonetheless we will commence with the seated position.

For the first few times, before your pooch appreciates this command, you need to stay in front of your dog. Put your hand in front of your dog as if telling her to stop. At the same time say “stay” in an inflexible clear voice.

Stay up for one to two seconds then say “ok.” In this case, “ok” will be our release command.

You really need to exercise this about 3 to 4 times a day on a five minute session each. When you say the release command, congratulate your dog unreservedly and give her a treat. You will execute this with all successful execution. Regularly increase the amount of time between the stay command and the release. After your pooch understands the stay. You can up the challenge by moving a step away. Again slowly augment the steps, adjusting to your dog’s pace of learning. Once you release your pet dog from the stay command encourage her to come to you and give her treats of love and cookies.

In training your dog to stay, it is almost just like teaching her how to sit. Yet, the variation of this command from sitting is that the time you give her a recompense is not immediate, meaning, to be able to let your dog recognize that what she is doing is good, in this instance you require her to stay, you have to consent some time to elapse before you present her a reward but not too long. Also, training your dog in the bounds of your residence you might also test training your dog to stay in the open air where there are a many possible distractions for her and by doing so, she can get used to the stay command out-of-doors even with a lot of distractions around.

You need to appreciate that training your dog to stay is not a simple task. Patience and time are the keys to be successful. Your attitude in teaching your dog will greatly disturb her progress. Congratulate and prove your mutt that she is performing well each time she does it right. You should not accelerate the routine and take as much time as needed to coach your pet dog this command as it will be of significant profit for the both of you.

After you are done training your dog to stay and she has mastered this, you will have the chance to show off your mutt to your friends when they visit. The most pleasing thing in the world is having a dog you can be proud of. Accordingly be patient training your canine and both of you will reap the benefits.