Wondering if you can raise a puppy if you work. Raising a pup is a full time job and one cannot leave a pup at home alone if they have to go our for work full-time. The situation is similar to a new born baby. As a mother has to arrange for some help at home or outside for her baby, one has to do the same for a new born puppy. There are dog daycares available in cities which provide care, attention and food for your pups while you are working at your office.

Many people are skeptical about whether they should raise a pup or not as they work fulltime. But they can definitely raise a pup and enjoy its company on weekends as the pup will be well looked after in the weekends in a good doggy daycare. Such institutions give working people hope of raising a pup.

This job requires time, energy, love and commitment. Many people have managed to successfully raise healthy and happy pups in spite of their full-time work commitments.

Many people face issues like potty training, loneliness and missing out on training opportunities. Of course, if they were home full time, they could timely potty train their pups and play with them to dispel their loneliness and also train them for little things.

If you are not interested in spending money on dog sitters or on day cares then you have to compromise on a few things:

  • You will have to compromise on making the puppy wear puppy pads as you won’t be available to train the pup on time.
  • Make most of whatever time you get after work to play and train your puppy.
  • Stick to a routine and follow the same routine every day. Pups are quick to understand your routine and will soon start enjoying the time you spend with them.
  • Asking friends and relatives to visit you for some time frequently to help quell the feeling of loneliness in your pup.
  • If day care is not affordable for you, may be you could settle in for a part time dog sitter or someone who could just come and check on the pup for an hour everyday while you are away. This will assure you that all is well with your pup.
  • You could just hire a professional dog walker who could come every day and take your dog for a leak or walks while you are away.
  • Install a camera or a CCTV at home so that you could monitor the actions of your pup while you are away.
  • You could leave your new born pup at a willing friends or relatives place for a few months till she/he is big enough to look after himself/herself.
  • Another way is to leave your new born pup in a crate or a playpen as they really enjoy staying in there, feel secure and also do not go to the toilet while they are in there.
  • Make sure they have enough exercise and play when you are back from work.