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Are Dog Bones Safe For Dogs?

Dog Bones seem to be very juicy and a really good treat. But the reality is that dog bones are not actually good for your pet. If anything, they are really bad and you have to figure out a way to include them in your dog’s diet without a lot of major challenges, or you can avoid giving them to your dog at all.

In my opinion, real dog bones are not safe, too many risks, there are better ways to keep your dog occupied and safely fed.

According to the U.S. FDA, Food & Drug Agency, some dog treats offered in stores are actually animal bones. Those are not good for your pet in any way, if anything they are bad and your dog will have to suffer from that. You need to find a way to help your dog stay healthy, and not offering dog bones and treats can be a really good idea.

Yearly you will find reports which state that dozens of dogs are either falling ill or dying due to bone treats. Dog bones are sounding really nice at first, but in the end it can be one major challenge most of the time. That doesn’t mean it will be easy to keep your dog away from such treats. But you have to understand that they are not good for your pet, if anything they will be bad and they will bring in front major problems. That’s why you have to adapt everything as you see fit.


These treats in general sound delicious and everyone likes sharing them with their dog. But even if they come in a variety of shapes and sizes, the reality is that such bones are unhealthy and they are not bringing in any type of benefit to your dog.

If anything, they will cause dental damage. The dog teeth, even if they are powerful, they are not as powerful as bones. And if your dog is old, then it will be even harder for your dog to eat those. And since many of them include animal bones, you can imagine that those are not good at all. They will cause dental damage rather quickly. And unlike people, dogs will not have dental repairs or anything like that. Which means that the dental problems will persist for a very long time and they will only get worse if anything. That’s why you have to understand why things like these are not good at all for you. While it sounds great, it’s actually a problem.

You can easily add a variety of other treats to your dog’s diet. There are so many options nowadays that it’s really easy to step away from dog bones. Decades ago things were not as simple, but nowadays you will find so many options that it’s really easy to find the right options as you see fit. Sure, there are still some potential challenges along the way, but the overall experience can be a tremendous one and that’s the thing that really matters the most if you think about it.

What type of risks can you expect?

As we mentioned earlier, dental damage is one of the primary problems that you will have to deal with in the case of your dog. But these bones also cause other problems too. For example, they lead to digestive irritation. No matter how hard your dog tries, he will not be able to completely destroy all these bones. There will always be some larger portions of dog bones in your pet’s stomach, and this is unhealthy as well as very problematic. It’s a really good idea to avoid sharing any bones with your dog, as it will just lead to problems, and you want to avoid that.

But these are only 2 of the many problems. These dog bones can also lead to contamination, to the point where your dog can easily deal with infections as these bones weren’t stored in a safe environment. When you keep these bones outside, you add another level of complexity to the entire thing, and you want to avoid stuff like that. In addition, your dog will also find it harder to eat other stuff, because these bones led to irritation and other stuff like that. It’s something very problematic for sure, and it’s set to bring in front a whole lot of setbacks in the end.

Are dog bones good or bad for a dog?

While some bones are small and not that problematic, most of them are large and they can bring in hazards like the ones listed above. Ideally you want to make sure that you avoid all these problems the best way that you can. It’s an ideal thing to focus on, and it can definitely do wonders if you think about it correctly.

As long as you make sure that you avoid large dog bones your pet will be ok. It’s the larger bone that can cause blockages and other problems to your pet. But even so your pet can still deal with a variety of problems. It’s important to avoid them if possible.

Replacing with other treats is actually the best option, yet then again this may end up being quite expensive. That’s why you have to adapt everything the bets way that you can, and doing such a thing is not that simple as you would imagine. Yes, there are always some challenges like this for your pet, but dog bones are complex and not that hard to break or digest either.

Sure, we know the stories and how dog bones are actually good for your pet. But the reality is that most of these are not good for your pet at all, if anything you will end up with quite a lot of problems if you add them to your pet’s diet. That’s why you need to be patient and you have to avoid rushing in. As long as you have the right approach towards something like this, nothing is impossible. Yet you have to think about your pet’s wellbeing before including dog bones to his diet!