dog with kids

The Best Dogs For Kids 2018

Welcome to our list of the 10 best dogs for kids 2019. We considered the dog’s known temperament, friendliness, size and popularity. 1) BOXER   What stands Boxer out is its great love for kids.They love to be around people and do not like being too far from their pack. They are full of energy and affection. They like to work… Read more »

6 places dog have ticks

How To Check A Dog For Ticks

Remove Dog Tick’s in 5 Easy Steps 1st Step While holding your dog still, separate or part the fur and observe carefully. You have to be sure that it is a tick. There are cases of dog owners removing cysts, nipples, and warts believing that they are ticks which the dog doesn’t appreciate. The color of ticks is usually tan-brown… Read more »

20 Best Dry Dog Food Brands 2019

Human-grade dog food brands like Nom Nom Now still top our list for the overall very best dog food but for those wondering what the best dry dog food brands are in 2019 we have a top 20 list. Welcome to our top 20 best dry dog food brands for 2019.   20 – EARTHBORN HOLISTIC DRY DOG FOOD  … Read more »

NexGard Chewables Review

Taking care of your dog is important, and it goes much further than simply getting him the right toys and accessories. Health is critical, and one of the most important parts of his normal round of shots and check ups is flea treatment. Up until recently, the only option for fleas has been topical, but now you can look at… Read more »

Nexgard Chewables

Best Flea Treatment For Dogs 2019: Reviews

New Advances In Flea And Tick Treatments Are Producing Very Positive Results. We Review The Top 3 Best Flea Treatments. If you happen to be searching for a good flea-and-tick treatment for your beloved pup, there are a number of options available on the market, but your pet deserves the very best – specifically when his health and wellbeing stands poised… Read more »

The 10 Best Puppy Food Brands Of 2019

Our List Of Best Puppy Food Brands – 2019 Need to buy puppy food, want to get the best puppy food for your new friend I bet, right? One way to make the shopping easier is to start with the top brands and from there checkout their different line of puppy food products. It is no secret that even puppies… Read more »

teaching a dog to stay

How to Train Your Dog to Stay

A significant command your dog must be taught is “stay”. This command is extremely practical when you need to leave your dog to do household tasks or welcome guests. It is additionally a life saving command when you are out walking to prevent accidents like having a car run over your pet dog if you have your dog unleashed or… Read more »