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A $20 Pill Can Stop Fleas Fast!

New Advances In Flea And Tick Treatments

New advances in flea treatment, such as Nexgard Chewables are producing very positive results. In this article, we review the top 3 best flea treatments, and I can tell you right now, our favorite is Nexgard because it works, and it works fast.

If you happen to be searching for an excellent flea-and-tick treatment for your beloved pup, there are several options available on the market, but your pet deserves the very best – specifically when his health and wellbeing stands poised in the balance! We examine the best new products for dogs, NexGard Chewables, K9 Advantix, or Frontline Plus For Dogs. Of these three, NexGard Chewables is considered the best!

Flea-And-Tick treatments for our precious pets are nothing short of essential. These alternatives are rudimental in ensuring your pup’s coat does not fall prey to conditions such as acute inflammation, dermatitis, skin infections, or parasitic growth.

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The Goal: Control Fleas

When assessing the virtues of various flea-and-tick treatment options, a conscientious pet owner must take to combing through personal reviews, and veterinary recommendations. But, worry, not! We have managed to compile a helpful summary of everything you need to know before selecting the perfect option for your doting canine.

K9 Advantix

K9 Advantix has managed to cement itself as a popular treatment-option amongst worried canine owners. Countless user reviews expound the treatment’s comprehensive protection, and various advantages when stacked up against competing for treatment options within the market.

The all-encompassing nature of this topically-applied solution means that your pet can be protected from not only common fleas and ticks, but flies, lice, parasites, and mosquitoes by extension.

The K9 Advantix carries a unique edge, in that it offers dual protection; merely applying the solution onto the fur can kill even the more persistent of fleas and ticks, and prevent dangerous parasites already present within your canine’s coat from spreading harmful diseases.

Similar to this flea-eliminating treatment, K9 Advantix, once applied, effectively kills off flea larvae, and interrupts existing fleas’ breeding cycles. Additionally, most proponents of this treatment would illustrate the solution’s non-restrictive nature; your adored pup can zip through grass and fields, and play outside to his heart’s content without fear of pesky ticks latching on. If your canine is one to enjoy dives and spontaneous swimming excursions, the solution promises not to wash off or decrease in efficacy should your dog decide to splash through a pond.

What about those mosquitoes? Although seemingly harmless, mosquitoes can transfer a range of life-threatening diseases to animals, including Heartworm.

K9 Advantix works within 12 hours of application and is suitable for approximately a month afterward. The treatment solution offers little side-effects, and if administered in the recommended doses, does not elicit any adverse results. However, K9 Advantix is strictly poisonous to cats, so if you have a feline slinking around the house, make sure she comes nowhere near the solution.

Prices may differ according to the size of your dog. It should be used only on canines above 4 pounds, and seven weeks in age.


frontline flea treatment

This flea-and-tick treatment has been commercially available for more than 15 years and has located a comfortable position for itself within the market as a trusted, reliable, and globally-approved treatment solution.

This topical solution promises to exterminate existing fleas and ticks on your pet’s coat within 12 and 48 hours, respectively. Widely-popular due to its rapidly effective solution and dependability, Frontline is available in packs of three and six. What’s more, unlike products such as NexGard, Frontline is readily available for purchase over the counter.

However, is consistency on-par with producing visible results? Although countless canine owners would swear by the product’s efficacy, solutions such as K9 Advantix carry the advantage of containing the active component, permethrin.

Regardless, where differences are concerned, Frontline notably provides steady protective-action throughout the promised 30-day period. Innumerable veterinarians around the globe additionally recommend the usage of Frontline Spray, a comfortable, quick, and easy-to-use mist that can be applied on a daily or weekly basis, as per individual requirements.

Upon application, Frontline begins the extermination process within the first 4 hours and completes the elimination and protection process within 12 hours. The solution is waterproof, which means your pup can indulge in water-related antics around 48 hours after application.

The non-toxic and non-hazardous treatment solution works by penetrating the lipid layers of a canine’s skin and being dispersed evenly throughout the sebaceous glands within 24 to 48 hours. This alternative is non-oral, which means that Frontline evades the risk of your fussy pup, rejecting a chewable piece entirely!

Editor’s Choice – NexGard!

Nexgard Chewables

Wondering if there is a dog flea pill? A pill that kills fleas? There is!!!  NexGard Chewables for dogs is a dog flea pill that works! This treatment solution is a relatively new alternative, although it has garnered an impressive degree of attention and acclaim. NexGard for dogs is a product engineered by the same minds behind Frontline; hence, it shoulders a particular brand of reliability and trustworthiness!

NexGard’s helpful website allows you – the doting pet owner – to select your canine’s existing weight before proceeding with your purchase to generate the safest-possible treatment for your pet. It is also important to note that NexGard is only available to canines above 4 pounds, and eight weeks of age, unlike K9 Advantix, which can be topically-applied onto pups only seven weeks of age.

NexGard Chewables vows to eliminate adult fleas existing within your pup’s coat before they lay eggs, thereby inhibiting infestation. This interruption of the breeding-cycle mirrors the very same advantages that the K9 Advantix notably has to offer. NexGard works as a neurotoxin to fleas. It works from the inside out. When the insect bites the dog’s skin, they are exposed to the solution and quickly killed. NexGard Chewables have been getting a lot of buzz lately due to its amazing effectiveness at getting rid of fleas.

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What’s more, NexGard targets the Lone Star tick, the Black-legged tick, the American dog tick, and the Brown dog tick, ensuring that your dog can frolic about outdoors without contracting ticks for a solid month after Nexgard is administered.

Nexgard flea treatment

Nexgard is available as an oral chewable. Once consumed, the product enters the dog’s bloodstream before being dispersed throughout the body’s tissues. Nexgard initiates the eliminating process within 4 hours, before ensuring total efficacy by 8 hours. Of the three options discussed here, Nexgard functions the most rapidly.

Due to this product being an oral chewable, owners need not fear to keep their playful canines away from water for 48 hours so as the medication does not wash off. Unlike topical solutions, Nexgard promises to distribute the product more uniformly, thereby offering a comprehensive alternative in terms of flea-and-tick treatments. 

NexGard is a relatively new product; hence, fleas and ticks have not yet managed to develop a strong immunity or resistance towards it. However, NexGard is still available by prescriptions only, which limits the product’s availability and accessibility.  One NexGard Chewable is good for one month and cost about $20. My vet sold me a pack of 4 pieces; the fist got rid of the fleas fast, I then gave my dog another in 2nd month and another for the 3rd month.

The vet said to give one each month, but I stopped after three months, and my dog has not had a flea in over two years. I figure the fewer drugs, the better, but that is just my case, probably best to stick to the vet’s recommendation. I have that extra chewable in case the fleas return. $20 is a small price for the tremendous relief it provides for your four-legged friends.

By and large, all three treatment solutions offer their unique virtues and drawbacks. Where Frontline has been the tried-and-tested constant for innumerable canine owners throughout the years, Advantix elevates the flea-and-tick elimination game up a notch by introducing stronger components to handle the process.

OUR FAVORITE – NexGard Chewables, this dog flea pill offers the most promising treatment solution, providing effective protection for one month and rapid relief within 8 hours of consumption.

The winner and our favorite are Nexgard Chewables!

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